Boulder, Colorado Engagement // Kelly + Ben


We are so pumped to share Kelly and Ben’s Boulder engagement session! These two are so fun and hilarious. I don’t think I ever laughed more than I did at our session. We all just clicked so well and it felt like we were just hanging out with our friends! Kelly and Ben were troopers… as we were all driving up the mountain to get to Lost Gulch Lookout, it was pouring and windy. In true Colorado fashion, the rain passed pretty quickly and we ended up with a really beautiful evening! I love how their personalities came through in these photos and we are even more excited for their wedding now. Enjoy these highlights!


Atlanta Anniversary Session // Annie + Corey


Marco and I are so excited to share Corey and Annie’s Anniversary Session! These two amazing people are good friends of ours and they just celebrated their first year of marriage. We were so excited to explore some parts of Atlanta with them and document this season in their lives. Enjoy these highlights from our shoot at the Jackson Street Bridge and Piedmont Park!


Downtown Engagement // Ashley + Kevin


We are so excited to share Ashley + Kevin’s downtown engagement session! These two currently live in Chicago and they were in town visiting family over Memorial Day weekend. We were loved getting to hang out with them and document their engagement at Cheesman Park. While we were all a little surprised to have 40 degree weather in May (unpredictable Colorado!) they described themselves as “cold weather people” so it fit them in a really great way. Ashley and Kevin are both so friendly, kind, easy-going, and fun to be around. We are so excited to be a part of their wedding in November!


San Diego Engagement Session // Allee + Cody


This is such a special blog to get to share! Allee is one of my very best friends and we’ve walked through a whole lot of life together - in Florida, Colorado, and even India. Allee is all things fun, caring, compassionate, and talented. She is one of the easiest people on the planet to love! Marco and I were so happy when Allee and Cody started dating. Cody is such a good balance for Allee and he has such a genuine heart and a steady, easy-going personality and we’ve loved growing our friendship with him over the past few years. I was overjoyed when they asked Marco and I to be their wedding photographers! There’s always an extra level of sweetness when you get to document a close friend’s wedding day.

For their engagement session, Allee and Cody wanted to do something a little different! They decided their dream was to fly us all out to San Diego where we could explore the beach, oceanside cliffs, and the city. We are so happy with how their engagement session turned out and you may see a few familiar faces in this blog too!


Sanctuary Wedding // MaryAnna + Tyler


Marco and I are so excited to share this beautiful wedding! MaryAnna and Tyler are two of the sweetest people with one of the most unique love stories. Marco and I get to hear a lot of “How We Met” stories but this one was a first for us! MaryAnna and Tyler met in the laundry room on an Alaskan Cruise that they were both on with their families! Talk about an amazing start to a really awesome relationship. We were so excited when they asked us to be a part of their wedding. The weather in April is always a bit unpredictable so we didn’t know if they would have a sunny day or if they would even get some snow. In true Colorado-fashion, they got a little bit of both! It was truly such a beautiful and fun wedding day and we loved getting to celebrate them. Enjoy these highlights from their wedding at Sanctuary in Sedalia, Colorado.